Top Features to Consider When Choosing Your Dog’s Next Home Away from Home

Ensuring Quality Space and Comfort

When considering a home away from home for your beloved dog, the quality of space should be top of the list. It’s crucial to remember that your pet will spend a significant amount of time in this space. Consequently, it needs to be not just sufficient but also comfortable and conducive to the dog’s happiness and well-being.

High-quality kennels today are designed to provide ample space for movement and relaxation. Check for spacious, well-ventilated kennels or runs that allow your dog to move freely without feeling confined. An enclosed outdoor area or a run can be a great addition, giving your dog a chance to stretch their legs and explore in a safe environment.

Comfort isn’t just about physical space; it also encompasses the environment within that space. The kennel should be clean, free of unpleasant odours, and well-maintained. Essential elements like heating for cold weather, shade for sunny days, and soft bedding for rest are key to ensuring your dog’s comfort during their stay.

Top-notch Hygiene and Sanitation Standards

Hygiene is another crucial aspect to consider. A clean environment not only keeps your pet happy but also significantly reduces the risk of them picking up any infections or parasites. Thus, choosing a facility that prioritises sanitation is essential.

Make inquiries about the kennel’s cleaning routines. Do they clean the kennels daily? What products do they use for cleaning? Are they pet-friendly and non-toxic? Ask about their protocols for managing waste and ensuring a pest-free environment. A good kennel will have rigorous hygiene standards and will be transparent about their cleaning practices.

Furthermore, if your dog has specific allergies or sensitivities, ensure that the kennel is willing to accommodate these needs. The same applies to the dietary hygiene of your dog – make sure the food is prepared and served in a clean environment, using high-quality ingredients.

Enrichment and Exercise Activities

Dogs are active and social animals that thrive on mental and physical stimulation. Therefore, an ideal ‘home away from home’ should provide a range of enrichment activities and ample opportunity for exercise. Look for facilities that have structured daily routines which include playtime, walks, and socialisation with other dogs.

Some kennels also offer additional services such as agility courses, swimming, puzzle games, and even grooming and spa sessions. These activities can keep your dog engaged, help them burn off excess energy, and enhance their overall well-being. Remember, a happy dog is a well-exercised and mentally stimulated dog.

Also, check whether the facility has trained staff to supervise these activities and ensure the dogs are safe and well-cared-for. If your dog has any special needs or preferences, discuss them with the kennel to see how they can be accommodated within their routine.

Professional, Caring and Trained Staff

The people who will be looking after your dog in your absence play a critical role in determining your dog’s experience. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate the professionalism, training, and attitude of the staff at the kennel.

Professional kennels often employ staff with qualifications in animal care or veterinary science. Such training is particularly important as it equips them to handle a range of situations – from managing dogs with different temperaments to providing first aid in case of any health emergencies.

Caring for dogs isn’t just about skill, it’s also about passion and love for animals. Spend some time observing the staff with the dogs in their care. Look for genuine affection, patience, and a positive attitude. Staff who truly care about the dogs will go above and beyond to ensure their comfort and happiness.

A Safe and Secure Environment

Last but not least, the safety of your dog is paramount. The facility should be well-secured to prevent any chance of your dog escaping or getting into dangerous situations. Look for robust fencing, secure gates, and lock systems. Check the condition of the kennels and run for any potential hazards, such as sharp edges or broken equipment.

Consider the facility’s policies and measures for handling emergencies. This includes both health emergencies and other unforeseen situations like power outages or natural disasters. Do they have a vet on call? Are they equipped with a first aid kit? Is there a backup plan for maintaining the dogs’ safety and comfort in case of power or water failures?

Choosing a home away from home for your dog is a big decision. By prioritising these features – quality space and comfort, hygiene standards, enrichment activities, a professional and caring team, and a safe environment – you can ensure your furry friend’s stay is a positive and enjoyable one.

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