All you Need to Know Before Buying a Tandem Trailer

Tandem trailer with ramps and front tool bay

If you are wanting to move heavy loads like furniture or sports equipment, a tandem trailer is the best way to go. It offers more stability, flexibility and better handling when compared to other trailers. 

DAMEL’s Tandem trailers are built for heavy duty hauling. What really sets tandem trailers apart from other trailers is that they use two axles instead of one. They have a high weight-bearing capacity as well as superior suspension. They also have better stability which is vital while transporting such heavy goods. 

How do you know which tandem trailer to buy? Here’s a quick guide on what to look for when buying a tandem trailer: 

Is it a good quality tandem trailer?

If the tandem trailer you are looking at has been made with checker plate material and has got a galvanised steel finish, you are already one step closer to finding a good quality tandem trailer. While the checker plate provides stability, a hot dipped galvanised steel construction provides durability.

Another thing to look out for is how the parts of the trailer are put together. Are they bolted? Are they welded together? Over time, trailers that are bolted may start to wear off and rust can cause problems.

The solution is to ensure most parts are welded together, and that bolts are galvanised steel. 

Example of DAMEL tandem trailer
DAMEL trailers are welded and hot-dip galvanised

Does it have a braking system? 

Carrying heavy loads on a tandem trailer, especially on highways and uneven roads, can be quite tricky. So having a braking system on a tandem trailer is essential.

If the tandem trailer you are looking to buy has a decent override hydraulic brake system or a tow bar braking system, you are good to go!

What is it’s heavy duty capacity?

If you are looking to buy a tandem trailer, it is most likely because you are looking to move heavy loads. Ideally a tandem trailer should be able to take a load between 2000kgs to 2500kgs.

It is important to be aware of the heavy duty capacity of a tandem trailer to ensure safe and reliable towing. 

Does it have good wheels and hubs?

Tandem trailers come with two axles. For a good tandem trailer, the wheels would be 14” or 15″ for increased stability.

In addition to that, having galvanised hubs and rims is an advantage. 

Am I getting the best value?

Wanting to find the best value trailer goes without saying. All trailers will come with a warranty and consumer law guarantees. These are essential when making a huge purchase like tandem trailers.

Keep an eye out for sellers who also offer annual services to keep it functioning smoothly. 

What accessories should I get?

Depending on the type of goods you are moving, accessories that come along with the trailer can be quite useful.

The most commonly bought accessories would be a removable cage and tarpaulin cover, and of course, a spare wheel! 

Investing in additional accessories could help you use your tandem trailer for multiple purposes. It also helps you be prepared for unexpected circumstances.

DAMEL offers several accessories that you can add onto your tandem trailer like crates, tippers, ramps, etc. 

DAMEL tandem trailer with hydraulic tipper
DAMEL tandem trailers can include a Hydraulic tipper

So if you are in need of a good tandem trailer that is worth your money, DAMEL sells customised trailers that checks all the criteria. 


DAMEL offer custom trailer manufacturing & quality dog kennels that are built to last.

DAMEL trailer are fully manufactured and custom-made here in New Zealand. We will custom-build your trailer to fit your requirements and meet you needs, all to DAMEL’s highest standards of quality and craftmanship.

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DAMEL offer custom trailer manufacturing & quality dog kennels that are built to last.

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