4 Ways A Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Can Make Life Better

Tandem Trailer with Hydraulic tip

A hydraulic tipping trailer is what you need to make your life less stressful and more abundant. Hydraulic tipping trailers not only can save you money but they also positively impact your health.

A Hydraulic Tipping Trailer Could Save Your Life

Have you ever been shoveling dirt off of a trailer and all of a sudden you feel your back seize up? Well, a hydraulic tipping trailer takes all the work out of unloading your materials. Simply sit back and relax as the hydraulic system lifts up and dumps all your materials. 

This results in less daily physical strain on the body and fewer medical bills for work-related injuries which are commonly connected to movements such as shoveling. In fact, in addition to back pain shoveling also can cause dehydration, lightheadedness, and heart attacks, with around 100 people dying from heart attacks after or during shoveling snow in the US every year! Now is the time to let your body rest and use a reliable trailer to make life easier.

Hydraulic tipping trailers also provide you with peace of mind that your workers are being taken care of by safe and reliable equipment that is not only going to make working quicker but make everyone happier not having to do so much physical labour.

Extraordinary Design

Our hydraulic tipping trailers are made with fully galvanised steel making them super robust while providing protection against corrosion. 

Hydraulic trailers are made to facilitate industrial operations in the best way possible and that is why they have ultra smooth and precise handling. Not only does this make it easier to carry out tasks but it keeps you safe by having a side counterweight design to avoid accidents. 

There are two main types of tripping trailers, electric and hydraulic (learn more here). The design of hydraulic tipping trailers means your materials are distributed evenly and safely to provide easy offloading for low and high-capacity loads.

For high-capacity loading, we recommend a tandem hydraulic tipping trailer as these are perfect for heavier loads and have heavy-duty suspension and brakes for added stability and safety. They are also fully welded rather than bolted, road ready, have a heavy-duty jockey wheel, lashing rings, a box section chassis for added strength, and come with either hooks or a tie-down rail that goes right around the trailer to ensure safety.

All these design features are to make your life easier and keep you safe. That is why we also offer a wide range of customizations that you can add to your trailer such as crates, tippers, electric brakes, solar-powered options, decking, and ramps.

Hydraulic Tipping Trailers Save you Money

Imagine how much time you would save not having to offload your trailer by hand and instead press a button and have it all fall off in a matter of seconds. The amount of time you could save is astronomical and means less time is spent on each job site. 

This means you can fit more jobs into a day and be more efficient, resulting in more jobs being able to be completed and more revenue being generated.

Not only does having a hydraulic tipping trailer make you more time efficient, it also results in fewer work-related injuries occurring from acts such as shovelling. This is going to save you as an employer money while keeping your workers safe. This is so important as the construction industry had the highest number of work-related injury claims in 2020, with 36,200 claims

Having a hydraulic tipping trailer also means you have a functional trailer ready to use at any time, no more borrowing, or hiring trailers or other equipment such as forklifts that may be used instead of a tipping trailer. This could save you thousands of dollars every year!

Hydraulic Tipping Trailers Are Multi Purposeful

Hydraulic tipping trailers are one of the most useful transportation options for sand, gravel, dirt, bikes, cars, and more. By adding a trailer to one or more existing vehicles you are increasing the capacity without getting a bigger vehicle where space still can not be fully utilized. 

Hydraulic tipping trailers can be used in a range of ways to make your life easier because of their functional advantages, especially when compared to a regular trailer which requires way more strenuous manual labour to load and unload materials. This is obviously because there is no automated function to tilt the trailer and let everything fall off. 

Whereas, hydraulic tipping trailers use a hydraulic powered tilt function to loosen materials and deposit them where needed, with no manual labor required. This is particularly ideal for farming, where a large amount of soil, seed, feed, and other loose materials may need to be moved and deposited on a regular basis.


Make your everyday life easier and safer by getting yourself a hydraulic tipping trailer today. You will be astounded by how much easier this trailer will make moving equipment and materials around in your everyday life. Resulting in your money, your health, and your time being saved so you can do more of what you love.

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