Electric Vs Hydraulic: The Best Tipper Trailer for You

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Trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and fill a variety of different needs. If you don’t know what type you’re looking for, it could be difficult to find the right trailer for you.

Tipper trailers operate by using a powered tilt function to loosen and deposit the materials they carry without the need for manual assistance. This makes them highly efficient and handy when transporting heavy or large quantities of materials, and for carrying loose materials, such as sand or gravel.

Features to consider in a Tipper trailer

When considering a tipper trailer, you will find that tandem trailers using hydraulic ram tippers are the most common type found in New Zealand. While these hydraulic trailers are the most common, smaller, single axle electric ram tipper trailers are becoming more popular as well. This rise in popularity of electric ram tipper trailers has added some complexity to the market, as they both fulfil the same purpose, but on slightly different scales.

Before you invest in your tipper trailer, it’s important to ensure that the one you want will be the one you get.

What type of work are you doing?

The type of work that needs doing will greatly impact the type of trailer needed.

Are you looking for a tipper trailer for landscaping, construction or excavation? Or is earthworks, farming or gardening more your speed? The type of work you intend to do can impact how much tractor space you need, and ultimately, the type of tipper trailer that is best suited to you.

What do you want to transport?

Are you looking to move heavy-duty materials? Or is lighter work on your mind? 

The items you intend to transport can impact the types of trailers you will need. Will you mainly be transporting large quantities of gravel, dirt or sand? Or will you be transporting lighter materials, such as plant clippings?

How much do you want to transport?

When considering trailers, size obviously matters. How much are you looking to transport regularly?

Will your tipper trailer be regularly carrying heavy loads around or will you mostly be moving lighter weight loads from place to place? Are you more interested in transporting large quantities of your materials at a time? Or do you have smaller ambitions?

The weight which you are looking to carry can impact which type of tipper trailer is right for you. You don’t want to be stuck with a trailer which can’t cope with the weight of your materials, and you don’t want to waste time getting an unnecessarily large trailer for lighter loads of materials.

The Best Tipper Trailer for you

If you have decided that larger loads and heavier materials are on your horizon, then it is likely that a hydraulic ram trailer is what you need.

Hydraulic ram tipper trailers are robust and built to transport and deliver high quantities of heavy-duty materials such as sand, dirt and gravel. Generally built using a battery-powered pump to move hydraulic fluid into the ram and lift the trailer, hydraulic trailers are the go-to for a sturdy and reliable tipper trailer, as they can carry greater loads and handle more stressful jobs.

If heavy or high volume loads aren’t high on your list of priorities, then an electric ram tipper trailer might be just what you are looking for.

Electric ram trailers often rely on motor-driven screw jacks. They fulfil the same job as a hydraulic ram tipper trailer, however, they are smaller, less sturdy and more suitable for smaller loads and transporting lighter materials. If you are still wanting to transport and deposit your loose materials, such as dirt, sand or plant materials, but in smaller quantities, then an electric tipper trailer could be perfect for you.

Finding your Trailer

When searching for the perfect trailer for your needs, it is important to take into consideration the different needs that your trailer will meet.

If large-scale transportation and heavy materials are what you plan to move, then a hydraulic ram tipper trailer is for you. If lighter materials or smaller loads are all that you need to transport, then a smaller and cheaper electric ram trailer will surely meet all of your needs. 

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