Tips for Towing a Tandem Trailer

Tandem Trailer with Hydraulic tip

If you’ve recently bought a tandem trailer or you’re planning to buy one, here’s a quick guide on tips for towing a tandem trailer!

How to Attach a Tandem Trailer

If you own a trailer, it is important to know how to attach it to your car so that you can properly and safely tow it behind your vehicle. Incorrectly attaching a trailer can result in serious accidents and injuries.

Raise the trailer

First, if your trailer has a jack (sometimes known as a post), wind the jack until the coupler is higher than your tow ball. This makes it easier to reverse the tandem trailer into position for easy connection.

Tandem Trailer showing jack, coupling and safety chain
Tandem Trailer showing the jack, coupling and safety chain

Reverse your vehicle

Then, you’ll need to back your vehicle up to the trailer. Make sure you’re lined up straight, then begin to slowly back up. It helps if someone is there to guide you, but most DAMEL trailers are well-balanced and easy to reposition. If necessary, move the trailer so that the coupler is above the tow ball.

Attach the Trailer

  1. Lower the coupler onto the tow ball. Follow DAMEL’s trailer manufacturer guidelines for the coupler on your trailer.
  2. Pull the jack pin out and rotate the jack to the horizontal position, making sure that nothing is touching the ground. Release the pin when the jack is in place.
  3. Once the trailer is attached, connect the electrical wiring. You’ll notice that one of the pins is out of line with the others. This helps to ensure you are plugging it in the correct way.

    Always test the lights to ensure that side lights, indicators, tail lights and brake lights are all working correctly.
  4. Secure the safety chain to the tow bar using the shackle. The shackle is easy to lose, so keep the shackle fastened to the chain at all times, only removing it in order to secure or unsecure the trailer. Then refasten it.

Safety Check

Check the trailer’s tires and brakes.

Make sure the tires are properly inflated and that the brakes are in good working order.

With these steps, you’ve attached your trailer to your vehicle!

How to Load a Tandem Trailer

If you are looking to load a tandem trailer, you need to consider the weight limit of the trailer.

The weight of the trailer will determine how much weight you can safely carry and tow.

Determine the weight or load limit of the trailer

Check DAMEL’s trailer manufacturer guidlines to determine the weight limit. The weight of the trailer should be evenly distributed over the axles. If the weight is not evenly distributed, it could cause the trailer to become unbalanced and cause problems when you are trying to load it.

Make sure that the trailer is level

If the trailer is not level, it could cause the trailer to become unbalanced and cause problems when you are trying to load it.

Distribute items evenly

Make sure that you evenly distribute the weight of the items on the trailer so that the trailer does not become unbalanced. If possible, do not have too much weight at the rear of the trailer.

Secure your load

Once you have loaded all of the items onto the trailer, you need to secure the items.

Make sure items do not overhang the trailer by more than 4 metres. This is measured from the rear axle – not the end of the trailer!

Always add a flag to overhand of 1 metre or more.

Now secure the items on the trailer. You can do this by usong a net, tarpaulin, or by using by using ratchet straps, or a combination of these.

Check to ensure that there is very limited movement of items and that nothing can fall out.

How to Park a Tandem Trailer

First, find a spot that is big enough to park your vehicle and trailer. You need to be able to have room to maneuver the trailer into the spot. Next, put the vehicle in park and set the emergency brake.

Back the trailer into the spot. It is helpful to have someone guide you as you back up, so they can tell you when to stop.

Detach the trailer according to DAMEL’s trailer manufacturer guidelines.

After You Finish Towing a Tandem Trailer

When you’re finished using your tandem trailer, make sure you wash your trailer from any debris to ensure your tandem lasts!

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