Top 5 Uses of a Trailer

Small tandem trailer

A trailer is a great asset to have to transport larger or dirtier items than what your car can hold.

There are several different types of trailers and different uses of it. Among trailers, a car trailer is the most common type of trailer. They are non-motorised trailers that can attach to your vehicle and are used to carry goods. 

DAMEL is a trailer manufacturer that offers custom made trailers built to last. Considering the all practical uses of a trailer, investing in a custom trailer would be a great idea as it would help save money and time. Here are the top 5 uses of a trailer:

Trailers move supplies quickly and easily 

Contractors or just anyone who is working on a project that requires supply materials. Hauling goods from different sites is quite a hassle. Moving building materials like timber, plywood, paints and other construction tools from the store to the site or from one site to another can cost extra money and time.

The most effective solution for this would be to use a trailer to do the job. Not only would it help save money on delivery charges, it would also make the process quicker and easier.

Clearing out rubbish is cleaner with a trailer

Cleaning up after finishing work tends to be the worst part of taking up any project. Even simple projects around the house like building a desk or working on the yard, often lead to an accumulation of scrap material or rubbish.

Having a trailer to help clear out all the rubbish would ease the process. It would help you clear out large amounts of rubbish at once.

It is important to remember to wash down trailers after running a rubbish disposal trip to make the trailers last longer.

Trailers are great for moving furniture and appliances 

Moving to a new house is always exciting. But having to transport furniture from one house to another takes away the excitement of moving into a new house.

The cost of moving furniture, hiring packers and movers, and the fear of damaging your favourite furniture can all be solved by just using a trailer. Using a trailer to move furniture and appliances, whether it is a sofa, a bed or even your refrigerator, would make the job a lot easier.

Because of the way trailers are built, it would make loading and unloading these goods easy.

Trailer with cage attached
DAMEL manufacturing a trailer with a cage attached

The cage features in trailers makes the haul safe and secure. An added bonus of using a trailer to move furniture and appliances would be the money saved on hiring packers and movers. 

Specialty vehicles trailers 

On a day off or for a lovely long weekend, most people who would crave a little bit of an adrenaline rush might want to put their boat on a tandem trailer and take it out, or drive their dirt bikes on the tracks.

The best way to take them would be using a trailer. It is both cost effective and safe. Trailers are often used to transport recreational vehicles such as boats, jet skis, dirt bikes, ATV’s, or even golf carts from one place to another.

Trailers can come with a ramp feature which makes loading these recreational vehicles easier. 

Hauling lawn equipment 

People in the landscaping industry, or people living in a rural area require trailers to constantly be moving around loose materials, lawn mowers,  and other lawn power tools. Using a trailer to do so makes the job easy and effective. 

Overall, investing in a trailer would be a smart move. Depending on what you would need a trailer for, you can customise the size of the trailer, choose whether you want an open or closed trailer. 

No matter what you use it for. DAMEL will build you a high quality customised trailer. Contact DAMEL  to get your trailer now! 

Contact them on 0275556937.

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