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DAMEL Kennels

Have you heard of DAMEL dog kennel manufacturers? We are a dog kennel manufacturer based in Turangi, New Zealand. At DAMEL we provide high-quality dog kennels that are built to last and give your dogs quality accommodation. According to a customer review, our kennels are the “best design and workmanship” they have seen. 

Here’s why you should choose DAMEL as your dog kennel manufacturer. 

Why DAMEL Kennels?

Dog kennels can be manufactured to suit the needs of you and your pets. DAMEL has individual dog kennels and runs, to four-bay kennels, we have the ideal solution for you.

We believe that your kennels should last you a lifetime and they should keep your dogs safe during unpredictable weather conditions. Our dog kennels are manufactured with high-quality products to ensure we keep this promise to you. 


Fully galvanised steel: is used to ensure that the kennels are durable. This is when steel is hot-dipped in a zinc coating solution. This coating protects the steel from particle corrosion and general surface scratches and abrasions.

High-grade polystyrene: provides excellent compressive strength, moisture resistance, and thermal protection. DAMEL dog kennels have installed polystyrene in all exterior walls, underfloor, back doors, and ceilings to keep your dog comfy during summer and winter conditions. 

Features of DAMEL Dog Kennels

Fully Insulated Kennels

DAMEL kennels are fully insulated. Our steel and timber kennels are made with high-grade polystyrene, which is placed in all exterior walls, underfloor, back doors, and ceilings. This controls the dog’s ambient temperature, keeping them in the summer and warm in winter. 

Having fully insulated kennels help dogs save energy as it lets the dog recuperate overnight. Another advantage of having an insulated kennel is that it reduces kennel stiffness, this is beneficial for older dogs with arthritis. 

Washout Gap

DAMEL kennels have washout gaps which makes it easier to hose out the run without the excess kennel going into the kennel box. This helps with keeping your dog clean and healthy. 

45cm High Skid

By having the kennel elevated off the ground, allows for easy movement of the kennel. It’s also important to keep your kennels elevated as it reduces worn re-infestation, makes cleaning easier and slatted floors allow waste to fall away. However, make sure that the slat size is small enough not to cause leg and foot injuries and large enough to allow faeces to easily fall through.

Large Front And Back Door

This feature enables easy cleaning, and is useful when retrieving bowls, collars or even attending to sick or whelping dogs.

Automatic Water Troughs

This feature is optional, so if you want a self-watering system, we’ve got you covered. This feature can be installed through all of the kennel ranges. This will supply your dogs with clean fresh water 24/7, without having to top up water dishes. 

Nationwide Delivery

DAMEL delivers anywhere in New Zealand! Whether you’re at the top of New Zealand or right at the bottom. DAMEL will deliver your dog kennel and run right to your front door.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for in the standard range of dog kennels we have for sale, let us know what you need and we’ll get back to you.
Call 027 555 6937 or send us a message now for pricing info or to ask any questions.

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DAMEL offer custom trailer manufacturing & quality dog kennels that are built to last.

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