5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Your Dog An Outdoor Kennel

Most dog owners who don’t have a fenced yard invest in an outdoor kennel for their dogs. Dog kennels are a shelter built specially to keep dogs safe and comfortable. There are two types of dog kennels: indoor dog kennels and outdoor dog kennels. Indoor kennels are smaller and built out of plastic or wire. Outdoor kennels are larger and are built using chain-link fencing. 

DAMEL is a dog kennel manufacturer in NZ, and believes investing in an outdoor kennel for your dogs can be beneficial in several ways. Here are five reasons why you should invest in dog kennels for sale.

Provides Comfortable Housing For Dogs 

Outdoor kennels would be perfect for larger dogs, especially working dogs. Outdoor kennels would benefit dog owners who work long hours. It would definitely be safer to leave your dog in an outdoor kennel than in an unsupervised house. 

Outdoor dog kennels provide them with a safe insulated indoor space that protects them from the weather conditions. It also gives them fenced-in outdoor access to stretch, run, and get some fresh air, not to mention a 24-hour bathroom access. 

Having a kennel separates your dog from other animals and protects it from potential poisonous plants. Another added advantage of installing dog kennels is that they keep your dog from escaping. Because of the way dog kennel manufacturers design their dog kennels for sale, it prevents them from digging holes and escaping. 

Helps With Training Your Dog 

One of the hardest tasks every dog owner has to go through is training their dog. Using a dog kennel makes this process a lot simpler. For example, since the dogs are used to using the outdoor space to excrete, they start associating the outdoors as the time to use the toilet. Outdoor kennels also provide a safe space for other behavioural training. 

Having a designated area for dogs outdoors creates a safe space for them to run, chew, play rough, etc. This can be quite helpful for dog breeders who are training their dogs as it helps teach dogs to understand the things they can not do inside the house. 

Dogs Overall Wellbeing 

Similar to how humans require personal space, it is known that spending some time alone is good for dogs. Being outside lets dogs explore new sights, sounds and smells. It also gives them an opportunity to exercise and burn off their excess energy. This in turn keeps them from being overly playful and destructive. 

The dog’s general well-being also plays a huge role in how well behaved a dog is. Spending time outdoors helps stimulate the dog mentally. It makes the dog more confident and friendly. 

Kennels Are Safe For Travelling 

For dog owners who enjoy travelling with their dogs, a portable kennel is ideal. It allows them to travel with their dog without leashes. Portable kennels make travelling easier and safer. It keeps the dogs protected while driving and prohibits them from jumping out and causing harm to themselves as well as the car. 

Cheaper Than Fencing 

Depending on the size of the house and the kind of dogs a dog owner has, keeping them inside the house can be unsuitable. The best option for such dog owners is to invest in a kennel. 

A dog kennel provides all the benefits of a fenced yard for a lot cheaper. Like a fenced yard, a kennel provides dogs with an enclosed, safe outdoor space that provides them with comfort. But unlike fenced yards, kennels are easier to install and are a much cheaper alternative. 

DAMEL are Dog Kennel Manufacturers in NZ, who specialise in making high-quality custom kennels specially designed for your needs and your pets! Contact DAMEL now to get your custom kennel! 

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